by Beki Pineda
HEISENBERG – Written by Simon Stephens; Directed by Chris Thatcher. Produced by Drala Productions (Presented at The Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut) through September 1. Tickets available at 303-444-7328 or
HEISENBERG brings two unlikely individuals together and illustrates how her act of petty larceny becomes his act of friendship. Alex (Danny Mann), a 75-year-old man, is abruptly approached by Georgie (Kasey Lohman), a 42-year-old woman, at a train station because she thinks he looks like her deceased husband. Her behavior is awkward but relentless; her conversation seemingly pointless but endless. She pursues him to his place of business  and has soon ingratiated herself into his life. Only then does her true motive come to the forefront. Only then does his innate goodness surface.
Much is made in our ordinary lives about personal firsts. Our first steps, our high school graduation, our first marriage, job, house, etc. This script address an all too familiar scenario to many of us as we age – the lasts in our lives. Our last child, retirement from our last job, the car that will last us to the end of our life, our last home (nursing or otherwise), and certainly the often unrealized last time we make love. Alex’s more geriatric life style is shaken to the core by Georgie’s unabashed energy and relative youth. But one of the messages that surfaces is that we never know when the things we take for granted as always going to be possible and present may suddenly become “the last.”
Strong performances by both actors grace this simply performed script. Minimum furniture and costume adjustments keep the focus on the story which plays out to a highly satisfying conclusion. What was somewhat confusing in the first scene becomes logical by the fourth.
Director Thatcher cast well and kept his story moving forward with appropriate pacing that reflected both the confusion of Alex and the determination of Georgie. This isn’t a play that will change your world – but it will certainly entertain you for an evening and introduce you to two fine actors and a director that obviously knows what he’s doing.
Only one more weekend to catch this at the Dairy Center.
A WOW factor of 8.5!