by Beki Pineda

JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAM COAT – Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Lyrics by Tim Rice; Directed by Tanner Kelly. Produced by StageDoor Theatre (25797 Conifer Road, Conifer) through July 29. Tickets available at 303-838-0809 or

This is a theatre company that has outgrown its space! Moving the 28 people in this cast (and move they did!) proved to be a daunting task for both director Tanner Kelly and choreographer Tracy Doty. They both did a great job with the space they had. Granted, it was opening night but they could have used some additional space in the house as well. Every time I’ve been to this little theatre in Conifer, the house has been packed. Conifer, it’s time to step up and help this company find a bigger space in which to perform.

Everyone knows that this is Webber’s first musical and tells the story of the Biblical Joseph, his eleven jealous brothers, their dispatching of him to Egypt and his triumphant life as Counselor to the Pharoah. The Narrator (Jessica Hall) sweetly moves the story forward while Joseph (Laurence Katz) brings it all to life. The brothers go through a range of emotions from anger toward Joseph’s interpretation of dreams and being the object of his Father’s (Mark Hooper) favoritism to abject fear of this Egyptian whom they don’t recognize as their brother when they come to beg for food in “Grovel, Grovel.” Along the way, Joseph has met Potiphar (Stephen Russell) and the seductive Mrs. Potiphar (Kristen Keller, a young Ellen Barkin look-alike). He gains favor with the Pharaoh (Kalond Irlanda) by foretelling successful harvests. Kalond with his blue suede shoes is a show-stopping Pharaoh . . . thank you very much!

My overwhelming impression of this show and this cast is that everyone was having SO much fun on stage. They moved through the scenes with confidence and energy, allowing them to add appropriate and very funny ad libs all the way through as the brothers interacted and the ensemble reacted. They almost didn’t need the audience, they were having so much fun on their own.

A charming and original design was created for the set by Designer Dean Arniotes and Construction Manager and crew, led by Biz Schaugaard. A variety of authentic and theatrical costumes was created by Designer Cole Rausch. The choreography by Tracy Doty was especially original, catchy, and fun to watch.

Conifer is only 13 miles west of C470 and at least 20 degrees cooler . . . well worth the short drive up the hill to see a fun show.

A WOW factor of 8.5!