by Beki Pineda

LUNGS  – Written by Duncan Macmillan; Directed by Len Matheo. Produced by Miners Alley Playhouse (1224 Washington, Golden) through October 14. Tickets available at 303-935-3044 or

The only thing I didn’t like about this show is the title. LUNGS!! What kind of title is that? What’s it about? What do lungs have to do with the story of a young couple trying to make their way in the world? Granted – they are concerned about the environment and whether it’s safe to bring a baby into the world – but LUNGS?

Oh, well – once you get past that, it’s a lovely play about a young couple trying to make their way in the world. Made all the more lovely by being performed by real life couple, Adrian Egolf and Luke Sorge. They bring their own personalities and relationship into the room to make their characters – ubiquitously called W (Woman) and M (Man) – all the more realistic and lifelike. In the bloom of their young love, their conversations overlap as they tumble to express their emotions. As the ecstasy softens into love and the hard work of sustaining a relationship begins, the gaps in the conversation becomes more pronounced and the pauses become meaningful. When they face their first heartbreak, they mourn in near silence.

Like the real life Adrian and Luke, this fictional couple were destined to be together. The way they handle the surprises and sorrows of life creates the story.  This becomes like an OUR TOWN production for two people. The simplistic set of platforms and bare-branched trees supports the dance of the story by allowing no distractions, nothing to steal our eyes away from the two people to whom life is happening. Because of the skill of the actors, we waltz easily with them through scenes from their story and changes of locations unquestioningly. Everything is stripped away but the story being told  But when you have dialogue this quick-paced and meaningful, you don’t need anything else.

A WOW factor of 8.5!