As of press time, Good Spread’s donations had saved 135,000 children’s lives in Chad, Nicaragua and Uganda. The company also contributes over 10,000 pounds of peanut butter to food pantries in the U.S. (photos courtesy MANA Nutrition)

Every 12 seconds, a child somewhere in the world dies from severe malnutrition.

While many businesses donate money to combat this unacceptable statistic, one Boulder-based company has taken a more hands-on approach to help stem these entirely preventable deaths. Good Spread ( produces organic, honey-sweetened peanut butter in a variety of flavors.

photo courtesy MANA Nutrition

For every jar of peanut butter purchased, the company donates one packet of its ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF), a blend of peanuts, milk and multivitamins that has proved extremely effective in treating children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. Customers can even track their donated packet of RUTF across the world to see its impact.

Good Spread moved to Colorado last year from its original Nashville base, and the team quickly fell in love with Boulder. “We’ve carved out a great space in the old hospital at the foot of Sanitas,” CEO Robbie Vitrano says. “This was the original site of one of Kellogg’s Wellness Centers where he brought people seeking holistic health. As part of his advocacy for a more plant-based diet, he actually made peanut butter on this exact site.”

–Sara Bruskin

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