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Trying Out Living Tiny

Boulder has seen uptick in tiny homeowners

It turns out that tiny squatters are ready to pay big bucks for Boulder. Local hosts with land and a water hookup could fetch up to $600 a month on average in Boulder, according to Indianapolis online startup Try It Tiny, which has seen an uptick in tiny homeowners looking to park their rigs around Boulder.

Photo courtesy Try It Tiny (tryittiny.com)

“Given how many Americans desire to live in the Boulder area, it isn’t surprising the incredible interest we’ve seen for private land hosts there,” says Try It Tiny (tryittiny.com) founder Maggie Daniels. “The movement has planted substantial roots in Boulder, whose outdoor activities and culture align seamlessly with many who aspire to live tiny.”

Interested in leasing land or renting your tiny property? Check Boulder County’s specific restrictions first. There are rules regarding the build and makeup of tiny units, length of occupancy, and permanently affixing little homes to the ground.

“Boulder County officials have expressed positive remarks for tiny-house living and are optimistic that updated regulations for tiny houses are coming,” Kyle Pendergast of Try It Tiny says. “But, as always, we recommend that tiny-house owners or land hosts connect with their local county officials to discuss their individual situation.”

—by Julie Kailus

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