Louisville's library (photo by Lisa Truesdale)

What It Is:

Louisville’s first public library, then called the Chinook Library, opened in 1924 in an upstairs room of the old town hall. When the library wasn’t open, the room was used for other purposes. In 1929, the town trustees began offering financial assistance to the library, although control did not pass to the city until 1963. After several location changes, a brand-new building almost two-and-a-half times the size of the previous one opened in 2006.

What’s Cool About It:

LPL offers all of the standard amenities of a small-town library, including book-club bags, children’s storytimes, an archive of historic photos, the Teen Loft and a homework center. A new “Makerspace” opened in November; it’s a free area where visitors can do things like learn about electronics, create and edit videos, compose music, learn to knit, paint, program robots, and more. “Discover NASA,” sponsored by the National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, is a temporary exhibit that runs through mid-January. It includes interactive exhibits, activities and special programs covering six key areas: Human Exploration, Earth Science, Mars Exploration, Solar System and Beyond, Aeronautics, and Technology.

Where You’ll Find It:

951 Spruce St., Louisville. (303) 335-4849; www.louisville-library.org.

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