The Shortlist: 3/4-3/6

Today marks the start of Boulder’s International Film Festival (BIFF)! Named one of the “25 Coolest Film Festivals” in the world by MovieMaker Magazine, the Boulder International Film Festival brings unique films and filmmakers from around the world to Boulder for a four day extravaganza celebrating the art of cinema! Though BIFF is one of the younger film festivals in the country, it features an abundance of “new-but-unknown” feature films, documentaries, and short films that go on to receive Oscar nominations! The festival attracts up to 25,000 film lovers each year and is proud to host some of film’s most talented artist, right here in Boulder! If you love independent films or documentaries, you definitely do not want to miss this weekends festivities! If you’re not convinced yet, here is a list of a few films being shown that might just catch your eye:

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap:

    In the 1940’s, computer coding was invented by a woman, Admiral Grace Hopper. However, today, women hold an extremely small percentage of jobs in computer engineering. Tech jobs are growing three times faster than most in the United States, and many of these jobs are unfulfilled. Why is it that with all of these openings, women hold such a small place in the tech industry? Catch the showing of this movie to understand how this happened and what the reasons are as to why more women and people of color are not seeking careers in computer science. The film will premiere at 10am on March 4th at Boulder theater.

Eye in the Sky

    Love Helen Mirren? Then this movie is a definite must for you. This film depicts Colonel Katherine Powell, a U.K.-based military officer in command of a top secret drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya. She discovers that her enemies are planning a suicide-bombing mission, escalating her drone operation from “capture” to “kill”. Just as her mission is about to take place, a young girl enters the kill zone, which blows up an international dispute reaching the highest levels of United States and British government over the moral, political, and personal implications of warfare. This film will premiere at 4:45pm on March 5th.

I am Sun Mu

Explore the mind of a recluse-pseudonymous artist, Sun Mu. This film goes into the world of Sun Mu, a South Korean artist who has never revealed his true identity. There’s also a creative twist to the film: the world renowned artist and focus of this film never shows his face to the camera. Through this film, you will discover exactly why, for the sake of his security,  Sun Mu keeps his identity and face anonymous. The film is understood as a bit uncomfortable, bizarre, revealing and captivating; almost matching the tone of Sun Mu’s art. This film will premiere at 12:15pm on March 5th.

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