Brian Fashaw with his Liq-Creme alcohol-infused ice creams. (photo by Sherry Jones)

Ice cream and alcohol: A match made in heaven

By Haley Gray

It was just a matter of time until someone realized that ice cream infused with alcohol would be a feel-good, taste-good treat. That someone is local entrepreneur Brian Fashaw.

Fashaw doesn’t allow anyone else’s hands on his signature boozy ice creams. When he swirls his homemade caramel and sea salt into sweet, creamy ice cream goodness, he does it just so, making sure every bite will contain a perfect blend of sweetness, salt and a scrumptiously sinful taste of rum.

Fashaw’s Liq-Creme line of Prohibition Treats ice cream offers seven year-round flavors, including chocolate-raspberry, Grasshopper, White Russian, Merlot and Piña Colada. His seasonal offerings are just as tempting. This October, pick up a pint of caramel apple–an indulgent mix of apple vodka, apple lollipops and caramel—or try his brandy-laden pumpkin cheesecake variety in November.

Fashaw founded the company just over two-and-a-half years ago, and demand for his grownups-only flavors has skyrocketed ever since.

The 21-and-up ice creams, which cost around $8, can be found at Liquor Mart in Boulder, Cheese Importers in Longmont and, starting this fall, at Hazel’s in Boulder.

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