Veterans took an oath to serve America. That’s precisely why the nonprofit Veteran’s Community Project (VCP) is committed to serving the estimated 40,000 veterans who sleep on the streets on any given night in this country.

After finding success with VCP Village, a community of tiny homes for veterans in Kansas City, VCP considered 700 different cities for their second project. They eventually chose Longmont, swayed somewhat by the fact that the Longmont City Council passed a resolution in 2018 to help end homelessness in the city.

The 2-acre site, just northwest of Home Depot on the west side of town, will feature five small family homes measuring 320 sq. ft., 21 homes for singles at 240 sq. ft., and a 3,000-sq.-ft. community center offering walk-in resources to all veterans. The houses are free to veterans in need—including all furnishings, appliances and housewares—and priority is given “to veterans who are most vulnerable.” Although the homes are meant to serve as transitional housing only, VCP allows residents to stay in the village as long as they continue to progress towards their goal of permanent housing readiness.

Paul Melroy, VCP Colorado’s executive director, says the project is a bit behind schedule, but they hope to get their first vets housed in the community by summer. “In the meantime, we’re working on finding a base in Longmont to begin our veteran outreach program. Now that the weather has started getting colder, we’re seeing an expected uptick in referrals and requests for assistance.”

Visit to find out more about the project, volunteer opportunities and how to donate.

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