Anne Skok paints whimsical art with political themes. (photo courtesy Joy Altman)

Anne Skok’s paintings may look whimsical, but they pack a political punch. The Boulder artist draws on her passion for change by portraying polarizing events in strong, vibrant brushstrokes.

“My artwork is a reaction to the day-to-day craziness we’re being bombarded with. I present images to get people more emotionally involved, more politically aware—to make them angry, think, question, discuss and to learn something from these moments in history,” says Skok.

Politics and feminism dominate Skok’s creations, in which she portrays actual people and events: School shootings, women’s marches, Elizabeth Warren, Rosa Parks, Hollywood, #MeToo and memorable moments of the Trump administration.

“I’m a narrative artist—my images tell stories. It’s my job to communicate. I can’t be sitting on the sidelines,” she says. “Artists need to be a part of turning things around.
We can’t stick our heads in the sand and paint our lovely little landscapes.”

Her imagery, essential themes and identifiable characters—as well as provocative titles like “Fool’s Paradise,” “Mother Nature’s Plea,” and “Don’t Shoot”—have secured Skok’s place in the world of political artists. Skok’s original 24″ x 24″ acrylic paintings and prints can be found at

—Jules Marie

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