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Bite Size News and Muse from Boulder County’s Dining Scene

Howdy! From The Post Brewing Company

The Post says, “There’s no gesture friendlier than greeting someone with a ‘howdy’ and a delicious All-American Pilsner.” Their new Howdy Beer is a fresh take on the American Pilsner. It features a bold, Western hop flavor and aroma, and delicate malt that finishes crisp and clean.


Ditch the SoggyTea Bag

Boulder’s Cusa Tea powdered organic tea packets were inspired in the wild. “I came up with the idea on a backpacking trip,” says founder Jim Lamancusa. “My friends all had instant coffee sticks, while I was packing out soggy tea bags.”

So he developed a botanical extraction process to make premium single-serve tea. He says the result tastes better than any tea bag, and can be made anytime and anywhere, from camping to busy mornings on the go. Find retailers or shop online: www.cusatea.com.

Can Coolies


Get your cocktail on with a Whiskey Sour or Bourbon Smash—the latest flavors from Boulder-based Cocktail Squad®. All products are 10% ABV and from the makers of Boulder Canyon Chips™.
Whiskey Sour » Handmade bourbon whiskey with a juicy finish from pressed lemon and orange juice and a splash of gomme syrup lend a distinct richness to this classic cocktail. The Whiskey Sour is produced under nitro so it has a creamy mouthfeel and a luscious finish.
« Bourbon Smash The team mixes handcrafted bourbon whiskey, Rocky Mountain blackberries, spearmint and pressed lemons for a smash hit in this refreshing full-flavor cocktail.


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