Photo above: Bob Evans in 1980. Credit,

By Eli Wallace

Since 1965, cyclists have pumped their hardest to be the first at the peak of Mount Evans, and they’ll do it again this year on July 25. The Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb follows the highest paved road in North America and includes a staggering 6,630 feet in elevation gain over 27.4 miles, ending at a gasping 14,130 feet above sea level.


Photo credit: Deirdre Moynihan at

Bob Cook, for which the race was renamed in 1981, won the Mount Evans hill climb five times before his tragic death from cancer at the age of 23. He’s also the man who broke the elusive 2 hour barrier in 1976, completing the race in 1 hour, 54 minutes, and 27 seconds, a record he still holds. This 1976 race makes a great story, and is well worth the read!

The 2015 race will be enhancing the experience with an bigger post race party, special guests, VIP registrations, and earlier start times (to avoid thunderstorms!). To register and become part of history, click here.

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