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What we’re reading and what locals are writing

By Kate Jonuska

Boulder has long been a magnet for artists and intellectuals, and the confluence of the two mean the local literature scene is truly outstanding. Check out these recent releases and what the Boulder-base authors say about their own work.

Clay Bonnyman Evans
Bones of My Grandfather: Reclaiming a Lost Hero of World War II
“This was truly a passion project for me. Once I began delving into the many mysteries about my grandfather, I just wanted to keep digging. With this book, I feel I have done my grandfather true justice by telling the full and honest story of his remarkable life and the incredible ‘afterlife’ of his remains, which have now been found and buried with his family.”

Julie Baldwin
The Creative Heroine’s Path: Live Your Creative Life
“Creatives need to know that the world wants their gifts! Because of my own regret of letting fears and expectations push me off my creative path, I want to inspire those who think it’s too late for them. If you’re willing to take imperfect action and take risks, you can live your creative dreams.”

Kika Dorsey
Coming Up for Air
“Because I have two children and a job,
I wake up ridiculously early to write. It’s pitch black out, I’m drinking strong coffee, my cat is bugging me for attention, and I get to be alone with fragments of dreams and my imagination. I love how an image that comes to me in my silent house can lead me to a story, how it takes a life of its own and carries me to surprising places.”

Linnea Tanner
Dagger’s Destiny
Book 2 of the Curse of Clansmen and Kings
“Catrin is a strong-willed Celtic
warrior princess in southeast Britain who falls in love with a man from Rome, her family’s enemy. She also has mystical druidic
powers and her characterization is based on the complex archetypes of ancient Celtic goddesses of healing and warfare, creation and destruction.”

Andra Stanton
Dimensional Cloth: Sculpture by Contemporary Textile Artists
“Through this book, I came to appreciate how much time and practice it takes to become a fine fiber artist. Most of the artists
in my book are now in their 60s and 70s and are just reaching the peak of their abilities. I’m so happy to be able to promote their talent and skill.”

Diane Byington
Who She Is
“My character Faye wants to run the Boston Marathon in 1967, though women weren’t allowed to run until 1972, and at first she doesn’t have any decent shoes. I love the idea that a person can do anything they choose if they try hard enough, even though they may have to do it in the equivalent of old, dirty shoes.”

Ann Tinkham
Stories I Can’t Show My Mother
“Writing can feel divinely inspired in that you sometimes channel stories, characters, and scenes that you haven’t consciously plotted out… When my short fiction started to veer into sexual themes, I realized if I ever published those stories, I wouldn’t want my mother reading them. And so the title of my collection was born.”

Jessie Hilb
The Calculus of Change
“I had never read a book that addresses the kind of unrequited love Aden, the main character, experiences with Tate, and it was cathartic to write. That beautiful and sordid relationship is merely a vehicle for Aden to come of age, address the way she shows up in relationships and learn about self-love. I love Aden’s heart and honesty.”

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