By Eli Wallace

It’s not too often that one gets to see the Flatirons on the flatscreen, so be sure to tune into HLN this Tuesday for a hometown episode of new series “The Social Life.” The show is a social-media fueled travel program where host Ali Nejad taps his million followers for in-the-know travel suggestions.

The episode features some of what you’d expect from a Boulder-focused travel program—Pearl Street Mall, the Dushanbe Teahouse, The Farm Dispensary—plus a few local businesses, including Piece, Love, & Chocolate, and a trip to NCAR.

Nejad keeps the episode light and entertaining as he flits over boulders at The Spot and through meal choices at Zeal, and he gives a slightly deeper look into Boulder than the typical, “woah, it’s the new Amsterdam, look at all the cyclists,” that I expected.

Whether or not the show will provide a boost to Boulder’s tourist economy remains to be seen, but no matter what, it’s cool to see local sights getting some national recognition.

The show airs at 8pm Mountain Time with a rerun at 11pm same day.

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