By Eli Wallace

Texas loves Colorado. This coming from a Texas-born Coloradoan who spent the last few years living in a ski town. Trust me on this one.

It’s no surprise, then, that Austin, a veritable soul-sister-city to Boulder (well, and Nashville), will be host to the 2015 Colorado Music Party from March 17-21. The full lineup of Colorado bands was recently released (see the bottom of this article; it’s long) but here’s two I’d focus on if I were in the Lone Star State.

Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds creates funky, bluesy, brassy music with soul. The infusion of gospel into Sparrow’s throaty vocals gets crowds dancing without fail.

I’d also recommend In the Whale, an upcoming duo out of Denver. In the Whale’s fresh rock sensibilities eschews the recent turn of rock to poppy, synthy, folky mixes. They channel heavy drumming and an unapologetic American classic rock style that we rarely see anymore. Listen to “Girlfriend” below, one of their upbeat rock anthems, and then check the schedule at for shows.

Here’s the full lineup:

3Two, Altas, AMZY, Andy Sydow, Aspen Hourglass, Babah Fly, Ben Marshal, Better Than Bacon, Birch Street, Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir, Bonnie and the Beard, Branded Bandits, Brett Jarnagin, Bud Bronson & The Good Timers, Calder’s Revolvers, Candy Claws – Sound of Ceres, Caramel Carmela, Carson Block, Chris Dismuke, Cobary Jam, Cold River City, C?vergeist, CRL CRRLL, Dave Arcari, David Michael Boyd, Dirty Few, Disguise the Silence, DOUBLEWIDE, Dragondeer, Edison, Eldren, Elise Wunder, Facing West, From Thin Air, Grim&Darling, Heather Maloney, High Five Hip Hop, In The Whale, Indigenous Robot, Inner Oceans, iZCALLi, Jack+Jill,, JiM ChieF, Jordan Igoe, Kind Dub, Kitty Crimes, Lisa Bell Band, Lissa Hanner, Matt Mahern and Constitution, Matt Skinner Band, Maxwell Hughes, Montoneros, NeW bEAt FUNd, No Fair Fights, OKO TYGRA, Open Space, Palace Brands, Poor Me, Post Paradise, Professor Fox’s One Man Band, Publicist UK, Qbala, Red Fox Run, Residual Kid, RipRats, Rob Drabkin, Robby Wicks Band (Acoustic Duo), Robert Cline Jr., Rocktin Grove, Rootbeer & Mermentau, Rubedo, Rumours Follow, Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts, Sarah & The Meanies, Sarah Summers, SarCa$t*, Sexy Ester, Shaley Scott Band, Shatterproof, Shelby Britton, Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds, Slow Caves, SPELLS, Steele & Colfax, Stella Luce, Strawberry Runners, The 14ers, The B.A.B.E.S., The Covz, The Echo Chamber, The FAMM, The Left Ready, The Lindsey Saunders Band, The LoLos, The Patti Fiasco, The Railsplitters, The Rayo Brothers, The Royal, The Seers, The Stone Foxes, The Sweet Lillies, The Yawpers, Thunderthief, Tight Thump, Travellers Music, Von Stomper, Wandering Monks, Wasteland Hop, We Are Not a Glum Lot, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Wild Wombat, Write Minded.

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