"We treat every patient as though they were our own furry kid during their stay." --Jamie Eamon, CVT

Hope on the Horizon

After a rough romp at doggie daycare, Mary Jarrett’s dog, Hallowell, was suddenly having difficulty walking. Since it was the weekend and her regular vet wasn’t open, Jarrett immediately loaded Hal into the car and raced to Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center.

“He was in agony, and he could barely move,” Jarrett remembers. “I was devastated, thinking it might be his last car ride.”

But after a few tests, the vet offered a more encouraging diagnosis than Jarrett had expected—Hal had three slipped discs in his back, and although treatment would mean pain medication and bed rest for three months, Hal didn’t need surgery.

Jarrett was so relieved, and so pleased with the experience overall, that she returned to Alpenglow for other visits. It also helped knowing that vets were available around the clock, if Hal needed them. “When I was in the waiting room, all the technicians seemed so kind to the pets and their people,” she says.

Boulder’s Alpenglow takes its name from the golden hour of each day. In the name is the symbol of warmth and respect for the people, pets and natural landscape of the area it serves. The company mission: To provide the most advanced veterinary care in the most empathetic and compassionate manner to all clients and their pets.

To this end, Alpenglow offers a host of services and 24-hour emergency care in its state-of-the-art-facility, while providing a comfortable and nurturing environment for pets in times of critical need.

Jamie Eamon, CVT, and the practice supervisor, says, “We treat dogs and cats for a wide range of illnesses, ranging in severity. Our internal medicine service also manages more chronic conditions like kidney disease, metabolic disorders and autoimmune diseases.”
Alpenglow also houses a cardiology and surgery clinic, offering echocardiograms and Holter monitoring to diagnose and treat a wide range of cardiac diseases. Eamon says the surgery department provides advanced orthopedic and soft-tissue procedures, including tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO) surgery performed on dogs to stabilize the CCL (similar to the human ACL).

A Skilled & Highly Trained Staff

The facility is staffed with several board-certified veterinarians who have completed advanced education, testing, research and training in a specific discipline of veterinary medicine.

“Our nursing staff has years of experience in specialty care,” Eamon says. “We have ultrasound, endoscopy and fluoroscopy on site for advanced diagnostics. We also work closely with our sister clinic in Longmont to provide services like CT, oncology and physical therapy, among others.”

Veterinary referrals work much like human medicine referrals. “If you and your family veterinarian decide you should see a specialist, a consult can be scheduled with one of our doctors. Your family veterinarian will send records and our doctors will review the case, examine your pet and obtain a full history. A recommended plan and estimate will be presented and discussed to best treat your furry friend. Emergencies do not require appointments,” says Eamon.

Peace of Mind

If your pet should need to stay in the hospital to recover, Alpenglow encourages drop-ins during visiting hours, knowing face-to-face time is beneficial to both the animal and its human family.

“We provide comfort to our patients with approaches that minimize stress and anxiety,” Eamon says. “We use species-specific pheromones to help our patients feel more at ease.”

Every staff member is tasked with providing the most advanced veterinary care in the most empathetic and compassionate manner.

“Our staff is trained in different low-stress techniques of restraint and ways to help our patients feel more comfortable, such as not making eye contact and getting on their level,” she says. “We treat each patient as though they were our own furry kid during their stay at Alpenglow.”

Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center
3640 Walnut St., Boulder
Open 24/7 for emergency care

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