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Carry On

Find your style in what you carry

1Locally handcrafted custom tote bags

Bag on left is made with Brazilian leather. Bag on right with Colombian leather. Gorgeous interiors. HJB DESIGNS

2Poncho & Fringe

Cashmere poncho with Kalamkari scarf, Wallaroo hat
and leather fringe purse.  RED CANYON ART

3Locally handcrafted custom weekender bag

Western floral leather and a hair-on-hide logo inlay. HJB DESIGNS

4Vegan Leather

Joy Susan tote bags made with vegan leather. SWEET RUCKUS

5Over the Shoulder

Hammitt “Dillon” bag. MY SAVING GRACE

6Overnight Tote

Johnny Was “Cherelle” embroidered overnight tote. LITTLE BIRD

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