Looking down from Grays Peak, 2013. Photo credit: Amy Gosch

August 1, 2017, marks The Centennial State’s 141st birthday!

Our state is rich in so many things.  From sports to minerals, from nature to culture, we have much to offer.  To much to list here!

The History Colorado Center has free admission August 1.  Visit now or in the future to see our history!  There will even be cake at 11:15 am!

All Colorado State Parks have free admission Monday, August 7.  Pick one of our 41 parks and enjoy some of our famous nature!

There are many other things going on throughout the state.  Check your city to see what’s going on!

Colorful Colorado facts:
the 38th state
the 8th biggest state
the 21st in population
the proud home to 58 14ers (+/- depending on the list you use!) and 630 13ers (+/- depending on the list you use!)
our high point is 14,440′ (Mt. Elbert)
our low point is 3317′ (in Yuma County); this is the highest low elevation in the US, and is higher than the high point of 18 states and D.C.
our borders are defined solely by longitude and latitude lines
home of diverse geography and climates

Colorado C
Photo Credit: Ashley Reynolds

Colorado’s state icons:
Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine
Bird: Lark Bunting
Insect: Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly
Tree: Colorado Blue Spruce
Dinosaur: Stegosaurus
Amphibian: Western Tiger Salamander
Fish: Greenback Cutthroat Trout
Mammal: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Gemstone: Aquamarine

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