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Fall Fashion: New Fall Styles for Children

Some trends never go out of style—comfortable, easy to wear, and super soft.

Bohemian, gypsy, care-free style; black and white accents; woodland and mountain critters and imagery are very visible, which makes us here in the Rocky Mountains very happy!

1Littlest Citizens

Cozy sweaters. The Nest

2Super Soft

Off Road cardigan is super soft and on trend with its coveted hood. Goldenrod stripe accents offer the must-have pop of color. Clothes Pony

3Big Bows

Mary Helen ‘Fern’ top and ‘Jade’ legging. Pitter Patter

4Joyful Dressing

Jumpers. The Nest

5For the Kiddies

Rompers. The Nest


6Fashion for our littlest citizens

New Fall Styles. The Nest

7Where Children Are Cherished

Lulu + Roo ‘Soft Pink & Winter Floral’ hoodie with matching ‘Terry’ sweats. Pitter Patter

8Mountain Adventures

Eddy & Scout ‘Mountain Adventure’ hoodie (front) and ‘Camping Adventure’ hoodie (behind) are both paired with the ‘Forest’ pant for an extremely comfortable duo that kids will want to live in. Pitter Patter

9Colorful and Comfortable

Mary Helen ‘Lola’ dress is a comfortable and colorful creation to brighten the changing seasons. Pitter Patter


Crockett Hill sweater. Fair Isle sweater in less traditional color combo with classic cords and sturdy winter boots. Clothes Pony

11Soft and Sweet

New Fall Styles. The Nest

12Bambi Dress

Floral print in non-traditional color combo of blue and gold. The perfect dress with a touch of twirl action. Clothes Pony

13Fall Flavors

Pumpkin cardigan over Lola dress
in ecru forest print. Clothes Pony


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