By Eli Wallace, Images: Andrew Knapp

It’s been said you shouldn’t meet your heroes. But what if that hero is Momo of Find Momo, an adorable Border Collie with an aptitude for hide-and-seek?

Find Momo documents the whimsical adventures of photographer Andrew Knapp and his traveling buddy, Momo. Knapp gained a following of over 300,000 on Instagram by posting his graphic photography online. This led to the book Find Momo, which has now led to a second book, Find Momo: Coast to Coast.

The idea is simple, much like a four-legged game of “Where’s Waldo?” Check out, for example, the photo below:


Can you find Momo? You’re getting it now.

In Find Momo: Coast to Coast, Knapp and Momo have set out on a cross-county adventure in that most wanderlust-y of photogenic vehicles, the 1977 Westfalia. They’ll be promoting the new book at Boulder Books on Thursday, June 4. Be sure to stop by and see if you can find Momo in person – in real life!

To follow Momo’s adventures, follow them on Instagram or Facebook!

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