By Eli Wallace; Image: Kettle Brand

There’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your phone. Buzz – another app just notified you that your sister’s best friend’s mom liked a photo of you. You should probably take a selfie. And then share it!

Or not. In today’s world, we’ve become a little confused about what connecting means—it’s not about wifi signals and likes; it’s about people. This weekend, Kettle Brand wants to put the spotlight back on person-to-person IRL connections by blanketing parks with hammocks.

You read that right—it’s a bona fide hangout! For every person that stops by the hang out, Kettle Brand will donate $10, (up to $5,000 total) to the Thorne Nature Experience, which provides environmental education to Boulder-area youth.

The first hangout will be Saturday, June 20 between 8am and 2:30pm, at Central Park (near the Farmer’s Market). They’ll round out the weekend Sunday, June 21, 9am-4pm at Eben G. Fine Park.

If you can’t make it in person, be sure to download the free iOS app Moment to track the amount of time you spend plugged in. Email a screenshot of your usage to to enter a sweepstakes where the prize is a year’s supply of Kettle chips!

The hang out is sure to be a blast—no selfies required.

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