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Lafayette Art on the Street: “House of Peace”

“House of Peace” by Louisville artist Justin Deister is on display in Lafayette (101 E. Cannon St.) for about a year as part of the city’s Art on the Street program.

Deister describes his artwork like this: “‘House of Peace’ is dedicated to how we can create something good from the not-so-good; it stands about 6 feet tall and essentially houses incongruous items that create something new and useful out of the old and useless. It was inspired by a spent Vietnam-era military shell that I had in my studio for a long time. One day, I accidentally tapped it with a screwdriver, and it made a wonderfully calm and gentle sound, like a wind chime. I knew right away that I had to house this former instrument of destruction so it could ring out its ironic, delicate sounds of peace. By suspending the shell upside down, I was able to fit it with a ringer, which will allow visitors to help it fulfill its new purpose.”

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