Milk Glass Productions helped Erika and Nate celebrate their nuptials along familiar Boulder trails. Bouquet by Fiori Flowers. Photo by Nate Shepard

A wave of BoCo couples are waltzing into last-minute nuptials amid one of the busiest wedding seasons in decades. Here’s how to make it work.

By Cree Lawrence


One of the busiest wedding seasons since 1984—when a whole bunch of boomers reached marrying age—is in full swing.

“There’s a wave of people getting engaged to celebrate and take advantage of the fact that Covid is a little less intense right now,” says Sarah Lurie of Delilah Wedding & Event Planning, which plans weddings across the Front Range.

If you’re one of those last-minute brides or grooms, these tips can help things go a lot more smoothly.

Most traditional wedding venues are sold out at this point. Be flexible and open-minded about where you get married.

Alison Amy of A Bride’s Best Mate, which plans weddings in the Boulder area, says backyard weddings aren’t as popular this year as they were in 2021, but more weddings are being held in unconventional locations such as parks and restaurants.

Many couples are holding smaller ceremonies in intimate environments, then having bigger receptions at restaurants, which offer the advantage of already having a lot of the items they need, such as tables, linens, silverware and more.

If you’re still searching for a venue, Amanda Piper of Longmont-based The Event Troupe suggests finding a spot in Rocky Mountain National Park, like Lily Lake near Estes Park. In Boulder, Sunrise Amphitheater up Flagstaff is a great choice.

Kaitlin Shea of Kaitlin Shea Weddings & Events says many Front Range couples are getting married in city parks and Airbnbs. Piper says she’s planning eight Airbnb weddings this year, a huge jump from the one (if that) she usually does each year. If you plan to get married at an Airbnb, make sure you have the owner’s permission.

Despite pouring rain, A Bride’s Best Mate helped a BoCo couple celebrate in style at Longmont’s Buckner Family Farm. Photo by Ashlee Crowden Photography.

Consider getting married on a weekday.

Most venues are sold out for the weekends, but your favorite spot may be able to accommodate your wedding on a weekday. Carly Wilde of Milk Glass Productions, who plans weddings all across Colorado, says she’s seeing more weekday weddings this year. Weekday weddings also offer the perk of lower prices.

It’s especially important to make your guest list as soon as possible if you’re planning a weekday wedding so friends and family have time to request the day off of work, Amy says.

Hire a wedding planner.

When working with a tight timeline, Lurie says it can be especially beneficial to hire a wedding planner who can help with all the last-minute coordinating, organizing and communicating with vendors.

Erika and Nate are among many BoCo couples who include their dog as part of the wedding party. Photo by Nate Shepard

Create a checklist and timeline.

With so many details to remember in a short amount of time, a checklist with a timeline counting down to the event can be a lifesaver.

Take the time to visualize the day from beginning to end, including details like booking hair and makeup stylists and designating a dog manager if you plan to have your pet be part of the wedding party (which many Boulder County couples do).



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