Extreme wildfire threats are making traditional campfires a thing of the past as most Colorado counties have put fire restrictions in place.

Humans have caused 42 percent of Colorado’s wildfires over the past four years, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

LavaBox, a portable campfire that complies with all requirements of the U.S. Forest Service’s Stage 2 restrictions, is a great alternative for people hankering to gather round a flame.

Josh Thurmond, a Colorado rafter and military veteran, created the portable fire pit from a military ammo can, a propane-fueled burner and reusable ceramic rocks. LavaBox produces 3-foot-high flames that don’t send out flying embers and can be extinguished with a control knob.

Level 1 restrictions, which ban campfires and charcoal barbecues and grills but allow for fires within permanent fire pits and portable propane stoves on public lands, have been in place in unincorporated Boulder County since April. Restrictions are constantly changing and vary from county to county, so always check before using any incendiary device.

Fire restriction updates are available at county sheriff’s offices and at coemergency.com/p/fire-bans-danger.html.

To learn more about LavaBox, go to fireanytime.com.

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