A Lyons resort takes to the tiny home craze

By Sara Bruskin

If you’ve turned on your television or opened a magazine in the past two years, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the tiny-home craze sweeping the country. Steep housing prices and mounting environmental concerns have encouraged people to look toward economical, sustainable alternatives to large houses, and one resort in Lyons has taken to this tiny trend with gusto.

WeeCasa Tiny Home Resort (run by a “Wee-E-O” instead of a CEO) is a collection of 22 casitas-on-wheels that are available for nightly rental. It opened in 2015 after lots of work clearing damage from the 2013 flood. Previously a mobile home park, the site, at 501 W. Main St., was rezoned to exclude permanent residences in light of the proven flood risk.

Although a few guests have reported “janky” fixtures, the business has grown steadily, partly because of its proximity to wedding and music venues. People also come just to see what tiny-home living is like. “Travelers aren’t just looking for a plain hotel room for the night anymore,” spokesperson Tia Mattson says. “They’re searching for experiences, and WeeCasa provides just that.”

The tiny houses come in several configurations and sleep from two to five people. For more information, visit

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