Longmont has a new accolade to brag about: It’s the Colorado winner in Insurify’s 2021 Greenest Cities Awards

Insurify—a company that compares car insurance quotes and analyzes relevant data—ranked cities based on factors including air quality, driving rates, hybrid and electric vehicle prevalence, and whether city officials have established a commitment to renewable energy. To gather the data, the company analyzed more than 4 million car insurance applications, the Apple Maps Mobility Report and air-quality statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Data reports.

“In these cities, sustainability is not just a trend to hop on, but a long-term commitment to improving the community,” the company says on its website. Cities that have made community-wide commitments to transition to 100 percent renewable energy no later than 2050 received bonus points. Longmont’s goal is 2030.

Way to go green, Longmont!

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