Downtown Louisville has really gone to the dogs.

That’s because Mark Zaremba, a board member for the Louisville Downtown Business Association, really loves them, and he knows he’s not alone.

“About 75 percent of people like dogs,” Zaremba says, “and you can’t get 75 percent of people to agree on much of anything.”

So he started the DBA’s Downtown Dog of the Month program—DDotM—to honor the friendly and beloved pups who are somewhat permanent fixtures on Louisville’s downtown streets. These dogs greet customers at businesses their humans own, hang out at favorite locales with their humans, or stand as sentries in nearby yards. Once selected for the honor, the dogs are featured on the DBA’s website and in their monthly newsletter.

“Our DDotM dogs get recognized all the time,” Zaremba says, including his own, Jake. “If you see one, be sure to say hi!”

To see more puppy profiles, or to nominate a downtown doggie for the honor, visit

By Lisa Truesdale

Pictured above is Cooper, the “director of public relations” at Gifts at Cooper’s Corner.

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