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A light change at McGuckin Hardware

Vests aren’t the only thing green at McGuckin Hardware these days. In March, Boulder’s favorite “everything store” upgraded its lighting to LED—replacing 188 fixtures on the 60,000-square-foot sales floor and an additional 50 fixtures in the adjacent offices and break room.

BEFORE — photos courtesy mcguckin hardware

“Each fixture draws only about 0.34 amps, instead of the 1.7 or so amps of the old fluorescent ones,” says store facilities manager Bob Mulder, a 27-year McGuckin employee who coordinated and oversaw the transition. “We’ve seen a drastic decrease in energy bills, and the measurable lighting in most places has doubled.” The LEDs are supposed to last 10 years before they need replacement.

The light change coincided with the family-owned store’s mini-remodel last spring. “It’s rare we could make the sales floor look better and save energy at the same time—now you can even read the really fine print on product labels,” Mulder says. “Changing over was a very cool, fun project.”

—by Steve Wilke

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