All these animals reside at Luvin Arms, a Lafayette animal-rescue facility for abused or neglected farm animals. (photos courtesy Luvin Arms)

Luvin Arms in Lafayette serves as a refuge for abused or neglected farm animals

By Lisa Truesdale

We love our animals in Boulder County. We’ve got humane societies for companion animals like cats and dogs; a wildlife rehabilitation center for birds and small mammals like raccoons; a rescue center for reptiles and amphibians; and a nearby wild-animal sanctuary with lions, tigers and bears roaming free. But what about pigs, goats, horses, hens and other animals you might find on a farm?

Luvin Arms is a sanctuary in Lafayette that serves as a refuge for abused or neglected farm animals. Through education and outreach programs, the group works to “inspire our community to think differently and promote a more compassionate lifestyle.”

Visitors are welcome at the sanctuary by appointment; you can spend a day getting to know the residents, like Arya and Sebastian, a pair of Nigerian dwarf goats; Franklin and Felix, both Hampshire pigs; and Belle, a 16-year-old dark-brown mare.

“Our vision for Luvin Arms is to help people to connect with farm animals as they do with their pets at home, and to inspire a more compassionate world for them,” says Shaleen Shah, the sanctuary’s co-founder. “We’re excited to create a forever home for our beloved residents, and are in the process of making a world-class facility for them where we can invite the community to learn about and interact with these beautiful, intelligent beings.”

The forever home Shah is referring to is a 40-acre property just outside Erie, where the sanctuary will move to eventually. According to Shah, there will be enough space for Luvin Arms to build a community/education center, a garden, a volunteer prep area, medical and quarantine barns, a duck barn and ponds, turkey runs, an events venue and more.

To visit Luvin Arms or to learn more about the sanctuary, expansion plans and volunteer opportunities, visit