Photo by Amy Gosch

We’ve recently acquired a new office mascot.  This one, unlike the pups Fritz and Hal, has 6 legs and is cold-blooded.

He (or she) is a grasshopper!  (For those who like science, the order containing grasshoppers is Orthoptera, which contains generally grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids.)

Photo by Amy Gosch.
Photo by Amy Gosch

Our grasshopper hasn’t been ID’d yet, but loves a cactus garden we have by a window.  It’s not chowed down on the living cactus plants, but is finding the dying one delicious!

It’s been hanging out for a couple of weeks now, and isn’t showing any signs of leaving.  At this point, we think it needs a name.  Any suggestions?  Prickly Pete has been thrown out there.

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