The resident female (left) with her new mate in the nest along the edge of Cattail Pond near the fairgrounds in Longmont. (Photo courtesy Boulder County Fairgrounds)

This new osprey dad is filling a hole in the hearts of local ornithologists.

For nearly a decade, a male osprey dubbed “Superdad” shared a nest with his mate near Cattail Pond at the Boulder County Fairgrounds in Longmont. During his tenure over the nest, Superdad helped raise 18 fledgling osprey, earning him the well-deserved moniker. But local bird enthusiasts recently mourned the loss of this dedicated dad. He didn’t return this spring, and Boulder County Parks and Open Space officials assume he died at some point during his migration south.

But never fear—Mom is not alone. A new “dad” moved into the nest about two weeks before mom laid her first egg on April 13. Together, the new couple took turns tending to the eggs, and their hatchlings should emerge around the same time this magazine comes out! You can check up on the new family via live osprey footage at

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