An icy-cold brew is so refreshing on a scorching day, but beer isn’t just for summer.

By Lisa Truesdale


When it comes to pairing beer with food, you can choose to complement the flavors or contrast them. Here are a few of our favorite food/beer pairings:


Comfort Food: Chili, Mexican Food

Try This: Blonde Ale, Witbier, Helles, Sour Ale, IPA

Why? Soft, malty flavor alleviates the spice level,
but doesn’t overpower the dish

We Like: Avery Brewing Co. White Rascal



Comfort Food: Chicken Pot Pie

Try This: IPA

Why? Complements the natural
flavors, but helps cut the fattiness

We Like:  Mountain Sun Illusion Dweller IPA




Comfort Food: Grilled Veggies

Try This: Dry Stout, Schwarzbier

Why? Balances sweetness and richness

We Like: Bootstrap Brewing Worthog Stout



Comfort Food: Hearty Soups and Stews

Try This: Stout, Porter

Why? A bold beer like a stout or porter
complements  the richness of a
full-flavored beef stew

We Like: 300 Suns Old Burlington Stout


Comfort Food:
Italian Food

Try This: Pilsner

Why? Malt sweetness balances the acidity of  tomatoes and “sings” with basil

We Like: The Post Howdy Beer
Western Pilsner

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