Looking for a great Kickstarter to back?  Look no further than The Puzling Adventures: A Book Series For All Children!

Local mother Natalie Mckechnie Mannherz works with children and teens with special needs, and has been writing short stories and poems for fun for awhile, with a life goal of writing a children’s book.  After feedback from friends and family on her first book, she’s started down the road of expanding to writing additional books.

The Puzling Adventure books spread inclusion and acceptance of children with special needs by highlighting the challenges that children with special needs encounter in their school, home, and community environments.

The books educate the next generation about the issues relevant to these children to cultivate a society that genuinely understands, accepts, and includes children who are not neurotypical. Distributing these books and their message helps every child in the next neurodiverse generation feel accepted and included for who he or she is.

Contact Natalie at thepuzlingadventures@gmail.com or (802) 373 6868 if you have any questions!

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