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The Shortlist: 3/11-3/13

This weekend, we want you all to embrace Boulder. BoCo is famously known for its open-mindedness, love for nature, care for community, and unique creativity. The harmonious community constantly tries to engage us all in activities that benefit each other and the Earth; this weekend we want you to get hands-on with Boulder, too. If you’re not enjoying the beautiful spring weather outside, immerse yourself in Boulder culture with these specific-to-Boulder activities. Get Boulder, be bolder, and go experience Boulder.

  1. Henna Body Art Class

Head to Boulder Public Library this Friday for a creative, unique, and informative henna class. This hands-on activity is great for the older kids! Simultaneously learn about the history and culture of henna body art, all while designing your very own temporary tattoo! You will be provided with the tools to create your own beautiful and traditional design. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, henna usually comes off within two weeks. Click here to register or to see more information.


  1. Hands-On Healing

We know Boulder is full of people with busy and hectic lives. There are constantly external stressors and social demands that we place on ourselves, leaving us tense and agitated. It is becoming more and more important to slow down and tune into our bodies for both our physical and emotional health. This event put on by the Boulder Psychic Institute validates the physical body and can be validating to the spirit if done with conscious awareness of the mind. At Hands-On Healing, you will be encouraged to relax your mind into a place where you can release, replenish, and revitalize. This event is $20 for all and is open to healing those with a specific illness, those with emotional or mental, or just those who feel that something is keeping them stuck in their lives. For more information on this event, click here.


  1. Family Day Paint at PoshSplat

This painting event at PoshSplat is a great way for the whole family to unleash their creativity while spending time together. Spring is creeping closer and closer, so it’s only appropriate that the theme of Sunday’s Family Paint Day is “Mountain Flowers”. Engage your family in an activity that will excite them about the budding spring colors as well as encouraging their unique creativity! Step by step instruction is provided by a local artist and everyone gets to go home with their very own “Mountain Flowers” painting. Come and enjoy an afternoon of fun, family, and creativity. Adult entry is $30 and children’s entry is just $10. For more information, click here.  


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