Souper Bowlder 2015

Souper Bowlder is seeking bowl donations for 2015!  This year it will benefit Potters For Peace.

The event dates are November 4 – 29, 2015 at:

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

1421 Pearl St.
Boulder CO 80302


Potters for Peace works in partnership with local people in the developing world.  PFP was originally founded by US potters in solidarity with war-torn Nicaraguan potters during the 1980’s.  The organization efforts expanded in the late 1990’s after Hurricane Mitch left many there without access to clean drinking water.  PFP promotes a low-cost, highly effective yet simple ceramic water filter. The mission of Potters for Peace is to promote appropriate and effective ceramic techniques and technologies that can help improve lives in developing countries focusing on community building, energy efficiency, and grass roots solutions.


Local and national potters, please consider contributing to the fun by donating your wonderful bowls to Souper Bowlder. Please bring bowls to Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery by Monday November 2, 2015, before 5 pm.

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