By Eli Wallace

We’ve sprung forward an hour, temperatures are rising, and, bleary-eyed and yawning, we’re sad to see 2015’s Boulder International Film Festival go. Here’s some of our personal highlights of this awesome, socially-conscious festival in its stride—and, as a picture’s worth a thousand words, a moving picture’s probably worth a few million. Sit back and turn up the sound.

Top 3 (lighthearted) films:

1. Austin to Boston

3. Home

2. Song of the Sea

Top 3 (Serious) Films:

1. Racing Extinction

2. A Borrowed Identity (originally titled Dancing Arabs)

3. A Place to Stand


And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how many incredible films were at this year’s BIFF. The festival itself had the highest attendance in its history (25,000 people!) and also provided fun and informative events like “An Evening with Alan Arkin,” filmmaker Q&A sessions, and the CineCHEF film-inspired cooking competition (congrats Bradford Heap of Salt!).

Boulder is a great place to live—that will be apparent to anyone who pops outside today. With the addition of the Boulder International Film Festival, it’s cementing itself as an art hub as well as a natural paradise… and that might just make it an amazing place to live.

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