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The best part of having a holiday fall in the middle of the week is that it extends the celebration. Last weekend saw a few Earth Day-related events, as did the middle of the week, but the fun now extends into this weekend’s events. It’s our only planet (barring some major technical innovation), so let’s give it some love, Boulder.

1. Children’s Peace Garden Bee Earth Day Celebration: Saturday, April 25 from 10am-2pm, Free


Image: Children’s Peace Garden at Growing Gardens in Boulder.

The Children’s Peace Garden at 1630 Hawthorn in Boulder is both free, educational, and fun! Garden costumes are encouraged, and kids and adults alike will delight in enjoying the beauty of Growing Gardens’ organic farm. Activities include seed planting to take home, investigating insect habitats, exploring the worm composting system, learning about local honeybees, trying on beekeeper suits to visit the demonstration hive, and creating garden art.

This event is recommended for children 3-10 years of age. The  BVSD Food Truck and the Wheel & Whisk Roadside Cafe will be available at the event for food.

2. The Tulip Fairy and Elf Festival: Sunday, April 26 from 1pm-5pm, Free



Pack up the kids, grab the costume from the Children’s Peace Garden, and head to Pearl Street for the event of the Spring! Tulip Fairies and Elves hit the Pearl Street Mall to decorate cookies, watch performances, battle with foam swords, and, most importantly, participate in the Tulip Fairy Parade! The parade starts at 3:30 by the Performance Stage, which will be on the 1300 block of Pearl Street.

For info, photos, and performances, click here.

3. CU Fringe Fest: April 24-26, Free


Somewhere someone is yelling, “CU Fringe Fest! But this is an Earth Day Shortlist!” I’ll give that to you, but we in Boulder appreciate the Earth every time we go hiking, running, or climbing. And the earth is more than just gardening; it’s also the beautiful system that gave humanity life. If there is any single component of humanity that’s worth remembering, it’s our capacity for creation. Hence, the CU Fringe Festival.

CU Fringe is also totally free, and is put on by a dedicated group of students. It’s mostly a group of original plays, but there’s also music, films, and installation art around campus. Unlike last Monday, April 20, you’ll want to head down to campus this weekend.

A schedule of the events can be found here.

4. Puttin’ on the Leash: Saturday, April 25, 6pm. Coors Events Center. $65/ticket.


The gala of the season, Puttin’ on the Leash raises funds for the Boulder Humane Society. The ticket price seems steep until you find out what it gets you; a cat behaviorist named Jackson Galaxy (I don’t even have words to comment on that sentence), dinner, drinks, a silent auction, and a live auction.

Plus, just look at that photo. Let that sink in. Buy tickets here.

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