By Eli Wallace

Pictured, Bradford Heap

In classic Boulder fashion, something that had very little to do with eating (films) just got way tastier. I’m not talking about popcorn, either.

CineCHEF, a new event at the Boulder International Film Festival, will take place Friday, March 6 from 5-7pm at the Rembrandt Yard (1301 Spruce Street). The event aims to showcase the talents of Boulder’s outstanding local chefs, including Dave Query of Centro Latin Kitchen, Kyle Mendenhall of The Kitchen, Bradford Heap of Salt and Colterra, Kelly Kingsford of Brasserie TenTen and The Med, John Platt of RIFF’s, Radek Cerny of L’Atelier, and Alec Schuler from Arugula.

But what’s eating without a little competition? The event will challenge chefs to create dishes around a movie theme of their own choosing. Their delicious results will be presented as small tasting plates, and the winner will go home with a coveted Vielehr award sculpture and the title of “Best CineCHEF, BIFF 2015.”

Alongside Francis Ford Coppola wines, craft beers, desserts by Jen Bush of Lucky’s Bakehouse, and the dulcet tones of Maxwell Hughes (formerly of The Lumineers), the event is not to be missed.

Grab tickets now, as it will likely sell out. The event is open to the public, regardless of film pass status. Tickets are $95 and benefit BIFF. Purchase tickets here.

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