By Eli Wallace, Image Credit: Heather Kant / Denver Comic Con

Once again this weekend, a jetstream stretching across America is turning Boulder’s 300 days of sunshine into some Pacific Northwest misty gloom. It was sort of cute before, weather gods, but now you’re stepping on Memorial Day weekend. And that’s serious.

When looking through the huge calendar of things to do this weekend, I wanted to go a little out of the box. Yes, you can try to brave the weather by heading outside to hike or bike. There’s tons of indoor music to be had, especially at breweries, so you can always drink your cloudy blues away. But I want something more. I want something extraordinary. So here’s my shortlist of three just-get-off-your-butt-and-go events for your weekend.

1. Bolder Boulder – Monday, May 25our-partners-19

The 10K this Monday will probably be hard to miss, as it’s closing major roads (like 30th) and, you know, because it’s huge (for those of you new to this, we’re talking 55k people). It’s the 3rd largest race in the US and the 7th largest in the world.

The good news is that, at least according to this morning’s forecast, it might actually be sunny during the race. There’s still time to register, and registration will even stay open to race day. The race starts at 7am, rain or shine.

2. Boulder Creek Festival – all weekend


Image credit: Boulder Creek Events

Though the chilly weather might have you wanting to bury into a blanket hut and never come out, it’s the Boulder Creek Festival weekend, and that means summer is finally here. Concerts will be held in the bandstand at Broadway and Canyon, with a kickoff concert by Dead Fish Orchestra on Friday.

In addition to vendors and various special events, the Boulder Creek Festival’s signature event, the Rubber Duck Race, will take place Monday. Best of all, the majority of the festival is FREE, which means there’s no real excuse not to go wander around it.

More info about the festival is here.

3. And now for something completely different… The Denver Comic Con


Image Credit: Heather Kant / Denver Comic Con

The annual gathering of the geeks and nerds is expected to draw 100,000 people this year. But before you go, “Oh, I’m not into that geeky stuff,” answer me this: do you like people watching? Because it doesn’t get any better than this.

I’m a self-professed nerd myself, so I’m predisposed to enjoy wandering around in a convention center filled with costumed people and vendors selling everything from T.A.R.D.I.S. bumper stickers to Jedi masks to hand-drawn art. But as far as something different for the family-friendly crowd goes, ComicCon’s costumes (which is technically called cosplay), panels and vendors can’t be beat. For more information about the convention, click here.


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