By Eli Wallace; Image: Watercolor by Juan Manuel Rodríguez Neri, member of Xico Arte (2015), a project in collaboration with Claudia Fernández, 2015 Biennial of the Americas

Two more days. Or, if you really think about it, every second that you’re reading this, you’re a second closer to kicking back, enjoying those summer temperatures and enjoying some of Boulder’s finest offerings. Here are few suggestions to awesome-ify your weekend:

1. Rocky Mountain Pizza and Pints Festival


That poster is pretty self-explanatory, but you DON’T want to miss out on this first annual Rocky Mountain Pizza and Pints Festival. Eight solid hours of beer and pizza, and only $35 for all the beer you can shove down your gullet before you get unruly and get escorted out?* Heck, yeah!

*Please don’t get kicked out. Your friends will be embarrassed, and the good people of Boulder Creek Events shouldn’t have deal with that.

2. Enjoy a Historical Tour of Boulder with Colorado Segway Tours


Image: Colorado Segway Tours

Trivia time! What do you know about the history of Boulder? If you haven’t gone on a tour with Colorado Segway Tours, then you’re missing out on some solid historical trivia. Also, did I mention that tours are done via Segways, the cooler two-wheeled engine transit systems (take that, motorcycles!)?

Bring your visiting guests on the number one rated Segway tour in the state — but be sure to book ahead of time!

3. The Biennial of The Americas Continues!

logo (2)

The 2015 Biennial of the Americas continues throughout the week, and the exciting cultural events are open to the public. Art exhibitions, speakers, discussions and poetry are amongst the many offerings in Denver. Check out the link above for a schedule of upcoming events.


Hang in there, Boulder! The weekend will be here soon enough!

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