By Eli Wallace; Image Credit: Scott Bauer

It’s officially the full burst of Spring/Summer, and May flowers are on the horizon. There’s no better time to get excited about the warmer months and appreciate the sun and earth. Here’s a few activities to get your excitement for the coming summer started.

1. Celebrate May Day with a Wildflower Hike

May Day is an ancient ritual in Western European cultures, which stems from Floralia, the Roman Flower festival. In ancient times, May Day was considered the start of summer; the summer solstice, in July, generally was considered Midsummer. Is there any better way to nod to that heritage than enjoy a few flowers?

While early wildflowers are popping up all over Boulder County’s Open Spaces, I’d recommend exploring Legion Park’s .9 mi, meandering trail for an easygoing appreciation of the burst of life going on in nature. Legion Park is home to a few early blooming wildflowers that’ll make the experience that much better.

2. Start a New Leaf by Giving Back

A new month makes for the perfect timing of a new you. Since the 2013 flood, Boulder County knows what it’s like to need a helping hand. Now is the perfect time to pay that help forward by giving to the victims of another natural disaster: the Nepal Earthquake. But Get informed first.

If you’d like to keep it more local, try using Volunteer Match to find a project you can start helping.

3. Get Dancing.

Check out the dance works-in-progress of Nancy Cranbourne and friend Lauren Beale, Janine Gastineau, Mary Wohl Haan, Joanna Rotkin and Jenny Schiff. The One Big Yes Casual Spring Dance Showing starts at 1pm on Saturday, May 2, at the Dairy Center for the Arts! Tickets sell out quick to this popular show – so buy early! 


Image courtesy One Big Yes Productions.

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