By Eli Wallace; Image: Brandon Johnson, sketch for Down the Rabbit Hole, 2015

Public Service Announcement: this Sunday is Father’s Day! Don’t forget to send Dad some appreciation, or if he’s nearby, grab him and head to one of these boulder events this weekend for some quality mano a mano time. These things to do range from classic Dadtivities, like grilling, to a few alternative options. We’ve got you covered, Boulder!


1. Down the Rabbit Hole at BMoCA

This exhibit is more hands-on than the average art event, as visitors are encouraged to join in the drawing experiment. Down the Rabbit Hole will create portraits of a 3D-printed of the Stanford Bunny, an iconic model in computer graphics.

The exhibit also meditates on the use of the hare as a symbol in art through history. The Stanford Bunny, developed in 1994 by Greg Turk and Marc Levoy, is used today as a standard for testing and demonstration in the computer graphics field. The question this exhibit asks is: what if the human brain, instead of a computer, scans the 3D Bunny? We’ll find out at the conclusion of the exhibition, when all the drawing will be scanned and layered through feature-based image registration into a single composite 2D image.

Down the Rabbit Hole opened June 16 and will close June 26.


2. BBQ, Blues and Brews hosted by McGuckin Hardware – Sunday 6/21


Image: McGuckin Hardware

This weekend is also Food As Art, meaning there’s a host of food-related gatherings at and around The Dairy Center for the Arts. One of those esteemed events will be held in the west lot of McGuckin Hardware and will feature cooking demos by Escoffier, grilling and smoking demos, Boulder Beer, and the Colorado Blues Society.

Add in some sunshine and some fatherhood, and you’ve got one of the most popular events of the weekend! Last year attendance hit 1,000, so bring your friends and get to grooving!

3. The Artful Chef – Friday 6/19


Image: Dairy Center for the Arts

Three chefs. Three local artists. One winning artful creation. A bunch of free cocktails and small plates. Sound like fun? That’s because it is—The Artful Chef competition, held in the event center and test kitchen of Sterling Rice Group in Boulder, has been called one of Boulder’s coolest events. That title is deserved; after all, it’s rare to find a chef competition that also involves voting for the most beautiful presentation.

Tickets run $45/person and will sell out fast, so get going early if you want to participate!

4. Ballet in the Bandshell –  6/21, Boulder’s Central Park, 7 PM



Image: Boulder Ballet

With longer days and more sunshine comes more outdoor evening activities. Enjoy a relaxing Sunday with Boulder Ballet, which will be performing the last of their outdoor performances in Boulder this weekend. Kids and families welcome, and the entire event is free!

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