By Eli Wallace

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? It’s easy to fall into old habits, especially it’s cold and you just want your good old standby. But new experiences lead to new inspirations, which can breathe life into your stale winter days. Here are some ideas for a new-you weekend.

1. Watch something new at the Boulder Film Festival


No excuses. Tickets are only $10/film, the same price as The Spongebob Movie or Fifty Shades of Grey. Except instead of going to your big box theater, you’ll enjoy titles like Sunshine Superman, the history of the inventor of BASE jumping, and Valley Uprising, a documentary that chronicles the rise of climbing in Yosemite. With filmmakers present at the festival, this is one of those awesome experiences you’ll not want to pass up.

2. Drink Something New at the Wintercraft Beer Festival


Pictured: Taps at J. Wells, one of the breweries present at this year’s Wintercraft

Okay, so you have your go-to craft brew, which is probably brewed from locally grown yeast and tastes like fermented heaven. But what if your future favorite is waiting for you at one of the tiny breweries you’ve overlooked? Get yourself to the Wintercraft Beer Festival at CU Boulder’s Coors Events Center this Saturday, and try something from the hidden brewery around the corner. Tickets are available here or at the door.

3. Hear (and See) Something New Ars Nova Concert at Fiske PlanetariumISS-startrails-web

If you missed Ars Nova’s Choral Odyssey at the Fiske Planetarium, you’re in luck. “A Choral Odyssey” will run again Saturday, March 6 at 5 and 7pm, and Sunday, March 7 at 6 and 8pm. Probably one of the most unique starshow/singing experiences available in Boulder, the Ars Nova singers take advantage of the Planetarium’s incredible screen and sound system, which is one-of-a-kind in the Western Hemisphere. Purchase tickets here.

4. Learn Something New at the Queen Christina of Sweden Concert


This choral concert by the Seicento Baroque Ensemble explores the music commissioned by Queen Christina of Sweden, a queen raised to be king of Sweden in the mid-1600s. A controversial and flamboyant figure, this concert will delight the senses through baroque music while also illuminating this fascinating figure of history. The concert will take place in Boulder on Saturday, March 7 at the First Congregational Church on Pine Street. Click here for tickets.

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