By Eli Wallace

It’s Boulder Arts Week starting tomorrow, so this weekend’s to-do list is all about the celebration of the wonderful culture of our unique hamlet in the foothills. With the eighth largest concentration of artists in the country, Boulder has a lot to celebrate. Since we’re focusing on Boulder Arts Week this go around, additional information for all the events can be found here.

There’s far too many events going on at once to see them all, so I’d suggest going for a theme per day. Here’s a sampling of what you can see and do this weekend.

1. Friday: Celebrate the Dramatic Arts

After the free opening party at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (5-7 pm), head to one of the many performances around town. BDT Stage, Boulder’s dinner theatre, will show “Aesop-A-Rebop” at 10 in the morning, and “Forever Plaid” at 6:15 pm. Madelife will host The Catamount’s “A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney” at 8pm, and BETC will perform “Stupid F##king Bird” at 7:30 in the Dairy Center for the Arts (pictured below).


Read our review of “Stupid F##king Bird” here.

2. Saturday: Jam to the Musical Arts

Start the day off right at 9am: Cantible’s Sing-in at Whole Foods will collect instruments for Boulder Valley Schools. Follow that up with a free show by the Boulder Bassoon Quartet at 2:30 pm in the Boulder Piano Gallery; finish the day with either “BACH UNCAGED: Boulder Bach Festival and 3rd Law Dance/Theatre” at the Dairy Center or “Musical Rapture” by the Boulder Symphony Orchestra at the First Presbyterian Church. Below: the Boulder Bassoon Quartet.


3. Sunday: See and Enjoy the Visual Arts

The scales tip a little towards Visual Arts during the festival, so there’s far too many exhibits to see in one day. A few ideas: head to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art for Substrate, a visual exploration of the systems that guide, hold up, and bind us, and take a moment in the lobby to enjoy Kristen Hatgi Sink and Jillian FitzMaurice’s Bon Bon, a glitter-balloon installation that’s a little like a sweet treat (hence the name).



Next, head to any of the smaller galleries, such as the Alpine Modern, which will be showing Whisperings, a cloud photography exhibition. While you’re exploring the smaller shows, don’t forget to check out and vote for your favorite of the new downtown banners, created by elementary, middle and high school students. More info about the banners, plus voting, can be found here.

4. Monday: Keep Going

That’s right. Whatever you missed out on, whatever you were too tired to see… there’s a whole ‘nother week of it! Happy Boulder Arts Week, everyone!

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