By Eli Wallace

It’s official now: winter’s over. While you’re digging out your florals, planting the garden, and enjoying the bouts of rain and sunshine forecasted for the weekend, be sure to squeeze in these quintessential hellos to spring.

1. Farmer’s Market



Photo Credit: Boulder Farmer’s Market

I can already taste the earthy, fresh goodness. Though the Boulder Farmer’s Market actually opened April 4, I usually try to ditch the early excitement and head down around now. Both the Longmont and Boulder markets are now open on Saturdays from 8-2; be sure to seek out in-season veggies like kale and spinach.

2. Slow Down, Enjoy the Stars


National Astronomy Day is April 18, which is also a great day to enjoy the wonders of the universe at the Fiske; the planetarium will host free talks, tours, and demonstrations until 8pm. The Sommers-Bausch Observatory will be open for day and nighttime observing from noon-10pm.

While I can’t promise the clarity of the night sky this weekend, the Fiske Planetarium can promise a few great shows. The one I’m jonesing to see: “The Northern Lights: A Magic Experience,” which plays April 17 at 7pm. The documentary uses top-quality animations and solar imagery to tell the story of the Aurora Borealis, from myth to fact. After the film, CU Astronomer Dr. Douglas Duncan will give a talk on the science and research behind the Northern Lights.

3. Clean it Up



Photo Credit: City of Boulder

Spring is all about cleaning out our winter hovels. While I’m all for doing spring cleaning, we sometimes ignore the cleaning we should be doing outside of our homes—such as on trails and open space. In the spirit of National Volunteer Week, my vote is for going out and picking up some trash this weekend. Get the best of everything: a solid hike to enjoy the beautiful Front Range, a cleaner trail, and a squeaky-clean feeling down in the cockles of the heart.

To really get involved, volunteer with Open Space and Mountain Parks by clicking here.


Happy Spring, everyone!

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