By Eli Wallace

We get it; it’s cold. Whatever events you were gunning for this weekend now pale in comparison to those blankets and maybe a hot chocolate. But just because you’re planning on staying in this weekend doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of the plethora of Boulder’s offerings. Here’s our suggestions for your weekend, no coat required.

1. Invest in a Cinematic Weekend with the Boulder International Film Festival, March 5-8


Go ahead and get excited—the Boulder International Film Festival’s nearly here. Film festivals are rarely the type of event you want to just wander around and see where you end up. Instead, take advantage of the snowdays to comb through the program, here.  Some films that have piqued our interest so far: Valley Uprising, a documentary following the rise of Yosemite rock monkeys and their unique subculture; Song of the Sea, a magical, hand-drawn animated feature nominated for an Academy Award and Elephant Song, a premier at the festival, that gets into the head of a criminally disturbed patient as he manipulates his doctor.

2. Indulge in Some Local Pride

Maybe you heard about the drama between the superempire Vosges Haut-Chocolate and Boulder’s own Piece, Love & Chocolate. In short, Vosges sued PL&C for copyright infringement, a case that was settled this week in Piece, Love & Chocolate’s favor. To celebrate, we recommend swinging by their shop at 805 Pearl Street, picking up a confection or two (or three, who are you kidding). While you’re there, try some of their signature sipping chocolate for when you’re curled between the sheets.


3. Prepare Your Liver: Wintercraft Beer Festival is March 7



Here’s another one you’ll want to buy tickets for early: Wintercraft Beer Festival is next Saturday, March 7, from 2-6pm in Boulder. There will be 19 breweries in attendance, and profits go to benefit Intercambio, a Boulder County nonprofit. Admission is $40 – click here for tickets and more info.

4. Go to Space or Enjoy the Little Things through Local Authors

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Curl up with a good book this weekend. Luna One, by local author Joshua Viola explores the death of a dream with his Astronaut who just-barely-missed-the-ship to head to the moon. If you want to stick a little closer to home, pick up Carol Balawender’s Just Stories (That Really Happened), a collection that celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary. Both books can be found in Boulder Books’ local author section or downloaded straight to your eReader.

5. Learn How to Fend off Mountain Lions

Yes, you read that right. Mountain Lions. Sightings are up in Boulder, and while most of us know what to do in case of fire, burglary, or bear, mountain lions are a whole different animal. Val Matheson, Boulder’s urban wildlife coordinator, says there are nine collared cats near Boulder, and about twenty around Jefferson County. Keep your pets indoors at dusk and dawn, and memorize the instructions listed here.  Also, have a laugh at the sketch for “hit the lion in the face with a rock” … and then hope you’ll never have to use your new self-defense knowledge



Stay warm and safe out there, Boulder!

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