The Shortlist: 10/30-11/1

Halloween is finally here! All of our preparations, decorations, and costumes come down to this one weekend a year, especially in Boulder. Boulderites are Halloween fanatics, you’ll surely see costumes all weekend, all over town! Whether you’re trick-or-treating or hitting the bars on Pearl this weekend, we know your weekend will be filled with Halloween cheer and spirit. Treat yourself to a bag of candy or two, relax, and let us tell you fun, festive things you can do in town this weekend.


  1. Munchkin Masquerade

For some quality family fun this Halloween, don’t miss the most adorable event of the year. On Saturday starting at 2 p.m, Downtown Boulder will be invaded by thousands of tiny ghosts and goblins, dinosaurs, Harry Potters, and Queen Elsa’s. This festival is interactive and there will be trick or treats all along Pearl Street Mall! We know your children can’t be tired of Halloween after just one night, so head down to the Munchkin Masquerade to prolong their favorite holiday! For more information on the parade, click here.


  1. Fleet Feet Boulder Halloween Run!

Planning a sweet Halloween night filled with bags of candies and treats? Don’t worry, we all are; but Boulder’s Fleet Feet running shop will prepare you with a nice run before your sugar filled night. Not only is this a good chance to be social in our community while getting some exercise, but costumes are highly encouraged for this special run! There will be prizes, treats, and Halloween surprises as you run through Boulder sharing your Halloween Spirit. The run leaves from Fleet Feet at 6 p.m on Friday Night, you’ll definitely be nice and hungry for whatever candy that the trick-or-treaters don’t grab! For more information on the event, click here.


  1. “Virtual Reality” Haunted House

This activity is for the more adventurous Halloweeners. Why experience reality, when this Halloween, you can experience a haunted house from a third person perspective in “virtual reality”. Upon entering, those who dare will be given video goggles and “walk through” the haunted house in a new and exciting way. This haunted house won’t be for everyone, as it’ll definitely prove to test perception, wit, courage, and stamina, so make sure to leave the kids at home. The haunted house is at Spruce, a men’s clothing store in Denver, but the owners are shutting down operations for this annual event. It’s free, but you’ll need to book a reservation as this haunted house is in high demand. To learn more, click here.


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