by Beki Pineda

DISENCHANTED – Book, Music and Lyrics by Dennis Giacino; Directed by Alicia K. Meyers. Produced by BDT Stage (5501 Arapahoe) through March 31. Tickets available at 303-449-6000 or

For what started out as a single song about the true story of Pocahontas as opposed to the Disney “glammed up” version written by an ex-history teacher and ex-Magic Kingdom employee, this little revue turned out OK. More songs and skits were written to puncture the Princess complex and suddenly it was a show. First done in Orlando and in various

Fringe Festivals before moving to off-Broadway, it soon grew a pair of legs – like Ariel – and developed a strong life of its own. Now being done all over the country for extended runs, Mr. Giacino’s little skit has done well for him and for the theatres where it has played. Here in Boulder for the second time, the Princesses have taken over the stage again.

Not your ordinary Princesses either!! Good ol’ Uncle Walt never dreamed of the frustration he caused his perfect Princesses by not treating them as whole women. The function of a Princess in Walt’s world is to wait for her Prince to come along and “save” her. Not these ladies!! Sleeping Beauty (Annie Dwyer) complains that if she hears one more happily ever after, she’ll go insane. Belle (Alicia Meyers ordinarily, but Sky Cash stepped in for an ailing Alicia the night reviewed) wonders why she is the only Princess who has to pick up her boyfriend’s poop. Mulan (Marijune Scott) knows that everyone thinks she’s a lesbian because she’s the only Princess who didn’t get the guy. Cinderella (Tracy Warren) is a bit of a blonde airhead.

They are joined in their complaints by Jessica Hindsley as Snow White, the most sensible and down to earth of all the Princesses, and Anna High as the Princess Who Kissed the Frog. They rejoice in their newly claimed independence with songs that address the emphasis put on their “Big Tits” by the people who drew them and their inability to earn “Not One Red Cent” on the promotional stuff sold with their image. And they all confess that “All I Wanna Do is Eat!”

One “lucky” guy in the audience gets the full flirt treatment from the incredible Annie Dwyer who delights in adding an improv complement to nearly every show she’s in. The house band lead by Neal Dunfee supports the ladies in their music. A very special guest artist joins the ladies on stage as Rapunzel. Not only does she have long hair, but she needs a shave as well. My only criticism of the whole production is the unfortunate gown created for dear Anna High. Anyone who has to kiss a frog deserves a prettier dress to do it in.

But this is a delightful evening of fun for adults. You will happily laugh at this different take on the movies you’ve watched with  your kids. However, leave them at home for this evening of risqué entertainment.

A WOW factor of 8!!

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