MURDERERS – Written by Jeffrey Hatcher; Directed by Bernie Cardell and Rhyann Hauter-Sims. Produced by Vintage Theatre (presented at 1468 Dayton, Aurora) through November 8. Tickets available at 303-856-7830

“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” So says T.S. Eliot.  And so say, the characters in MURDERERS. As they explain why and how they committed the ultimate crime, it all seems so logical and reasonable. Yet the fact remains that someone died.

The three characters are all residents of Riddle Key Retirement Community in Sarasota, Florida that have lived full lives up to the present episode. Gerald (Troy Lakey) is a debonair well-dressed Lothario who has developed an unusual arrangement with his mother-in-law . . . temporarily. Lucy (Mary Campbell) discovers that her husband is cheating on her and comes up with the ultimate revenge. Minka (Mari Gesair) works in the office of the Community and knows the good and bad about the residents. Let’s just say that after Minka has been there awhile, there are not nearly as many bad ones. All three actors engage the audience in their tales of conspiracy and mayhem in an easy conversational style that only enhances the wickedness . . . and humor . . . of their dialogue.

Vintage has worked hard on their plan for re-opening; that effort is evident and appreciated by the small audience they are allowed for each performance. This includes going into the theatre via the House Left entrance and leaving by the House Right a row at a time – like church. All of this in addition to the usual sanitation, masks, distancing, and limited bar arrangement. But still the opening night crowd had fun and enjoyed the evening. For those of you longing to enjoy live theatre once again, Vintage has made this possible for you. It may be awkward and ungainly in some ways – but, By God! – I sat in an audience with live play-goers and watched real actors perform on a real stage once again. We’ll get through this!

A WOW factor of 8!!

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