Photo by Sarah Johnson, courtesy World Singing Day

Warm up your pipes and sing your heart out with hundreds of people on Pearl Street Mall on Oct. 19 at 2 p.m. The singers are celebrating World Singing Day, an international holiday that began here in Boulder in 2012. Over the years, people have participated in 22 different countries and on all seven continents—they even managed to get Antarctica involved, thanks to a New Zealand researcher at Scott Base who sang a Māori song in the frigid cold.

Musician Scott Johnson founded World Singing Day in the hope of bringing people together through song. No American-Idol-style competition, no judgement and no awards. Just communities around the world singing together. Johnson says, “It’s time we embrace singing as a universal human activity—a joyful experience for everyone, regardless of talent, experience or ability.”

This year, he anticipates nearly 1,000 participants in Boulder alone. A dozen local choirs will be there to lead the songs, and free lyric booklets will be passed out so everybody can sing along to a lineup of popular songs by artists including Louis Armstrong, Dolly Parton, Queen, Indigo Girls, Elton John and Bruno Mars.

Current estimates predict 15,000 people will participate globally this year, and Johnson hopes to hit 1 million by 2024. He’s not stopping there, though: “Imagine millions of people in all 196 countries singing on the same day in the spirit of our common humanity.” Visit for more information.

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